What is the minimum age and who can join it?

The Minimum Age for now is 18 years of age. Anyone one with valid identity proof of India can join from students to housewives, husbands or retired person.

Why we outsource the work to work from home seekers?

There are bulk projects with us so we are creating a opportunity to work from home seekers who can complete with our projects at their own convenience in respect to terms and conditions of the work.

Why we make image file to upload notepad file? What is its Use?

Image File is in a JPEG format and it takes lots of space while uploading as E-Book on Publishers Website. Creating a Notepad File will make the work lot easier and takes less space.

Do I Require any specialized skill or education to start the work?

No. There is no need of any minimum education or special skill to start the work. Just a good typing skill and basic computer and internet knowledge is needed.

How Do i Register and Start Working?

Go to How to Join Option at the TOP.

What will be the exact work to do?

It is a Simple Typing work from Image File to Notepad File. As it is. No need of any formatting or corrections./p>

How will i get the Work after registering?

You will get the work on your Registered E-Mail id within 24-48 Hours after Registering.

How will i come to know if i have recieved my Work on E-mail or not?

You will get a call or email from our side as soon as your Work is Sent informing you about the Workload Sent.

What is the Time limit of Work?

Please check Plans and Income Menu from Typing Jobs Drop Down Menu to get all information

What will happen after i submit the work?

After you submit the work as per the deadline, you will get your accuracy report from our QC centre within minimum 3 and maximum 7 working days.

When will i get my Payment?

After getting proper accuracy, Payment is dispatch from here in 5-7 Working Days.

Will i get any Proof of Payment?

We will send you tracking details of the courier company through which we send the Cheque Payment.

What is the mode of Payment?

We will send you tracking details of the courier company through which we send the Cheque Payment.

Why we charge Refundable Fees to start the work?

Fees are charged for Agreement, Support, and Software we provide for the work which is refunded on submission basis.

Can I submit my Work easily?

Of course, to complete more work and projects you can always submit the work before the deadline.

Where is Easy Tying jobs main office located?

Our Head Office is located in Surat, Gujarat. Check contact us page for complete address.

How is accuracy report calculated and how checks the files?

Accuracy Report is calculated as per accuracy slab mentioned in the Plans and Income Menu in the Typing Jobs drop down Menu. QC Center checks all files.

Do i have to correct only mistakes shown by comapny in the accuracy report?

No. Accuracy Report is made on checking of random files of our work. After Minimum Accuracy Level company does not check other files. So to be on the safe side you have to once check all pages and make nece

I do not have Internet at home.Can i still register?

Yes. Internet is not compulsory to start the work. Work is totally Offline. Internet is just needed at the time of sending and submitting work which you can even do from Cyber Cafe.